Friday, October 10, 2014


  • 1. Icheoku says Imam Muhammadu Buhari has the blood of innocent Nigerians in his hands (Barthlomeow Owo, Bernard Ogedengbe and Lawal Ojulope). 
  • 2. Icheoku says Muhammadu Buhari previously aborted democracy in Nigeria (overthrew Shagari). 
  • 3. Icheoku says Muhammadu Buhari sponsored the introduction of SHARIA law in northwestern Nigeria ( Kebbi, Katsina, Sokoto, Zamfara and Kano states). 
  • 4. Icheoku says Muhammadu Buhari abridged the freedom of  Nigerians (Decree 4). 
  • 5. Icheoku says Muhammadu Buhari encouraged corruption in Nigeria (53 suitcases). 
  • 6. Icheoku says Muhammadu Buhari champions tribal and ethnic Islamic causes in Nigeria (his tenure as PTF chairmanship). 
  • 7. Icheoku says Muhammadu Buhari is not a nationalist (very parochial, vengeful - disproportionate treatment of then vice president Alex Ekwueme viz a vis president Shagari) 
  • 8. Icheoku says Muhammadu Buharis belongs to the old retrogressive school that has kept Nigeria down and for too long since independence (first ruled Nigeria in 1983). 
  • 9. Icheoku says Muhammadu Buhari is an Islamic religious zealot and a sympathizer of Boko Haram (did not condemn the butchery of non Muslims by Boko Haram and other murders of none Hausa/Fulani in the north by Fulani cattle rearing nomads) 
  • 10. Icheoku says Muhammadu Buhari violates the human rights of his wife, the potential first lady of Nigeria, who is permanently quarantined in a purdah). 

  • Icheoku bemoans that a man this mean and with this violent records ought not and should not be gearing himself up to preside over a multi-religious and multi-cultural pluralistic society such as Nigeria. Moreso he has not and does not see it fit and proper to apologize for his atrocities while he ruled. Icheoku says a leopard does not change its spots and if he did it before, he will do it again; a matter made worst because he has refused to accept responsibility for his past misdeeds, apologize and make a promise to be better next time, if allowed. Icheoku says until Muhammadu Buhari apologizes, the APC fielding him as their presidential candidate will be a gross violation of the sensibilities of Nigerians. Icheoku says Buhari, no apology no deal.

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