Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Assalamu Alaikum
The Humble People’s General.
I know I have access to you privately but this is meant for others to learn also.
The Prophet -peace be upon him- told one of the most honest and truthful of his companions, Abu Zar Algafary: “Oh Abu Zar, I truly love for you what I love for myself. I indeed see that you are weak so never accept to lead even two people and never accept safekeeping of the orphans wealth.”
An honest and candid advice from the prophet that is still valid today for any leader whose weakness borders on leadership qualities.
The reason for Abu Zar’s weakness has nothing to do with his credibility or truthfulness. Never! The prophet was narrated as saying: “there is nobody under the shadows of trees or bare sun that is more honest in speech than Abu Zar”.
Abu Zar – May Allah be pleased with him- is ascetic and inmaterialistic. Abu Zar is incorruptible. And yet he is not suitable for leadership.
I am not claiming to be even by an atom’s weight anything close to our noble prophet, yet I am encouraged to give you these same advice by the virtue that you are not also close to Abu Zar in piety. We are living in a time of great tribulations and fitnah especially for this Ummah because of our collective iniquities, ignorance of religious instructions and the love of Dunyah.
Sir, your weakness is not in your past impeccable record of accountability of public wealth and the fight against corruption and indiscipline. Your weakness is in your inability to control men compounded further by your strict and obsessive rejection of corruption.
Don’t be surprised. You may need to understand that Islam being a pragmatic religion allows the use of Zakkat and public wealth as an instrument to pacify and lure influential people for the sake of righteousness, peace and stability. In modern governance today it translate to security vote.
Thus men are also controlled by money. So if your policy of governance is obsessibly centered on sealing tight the use of money, you will have great problem with men. An Arab poet said: “A fool cannot be the leader of his people but the true leader of the people must feign foolishness”.
It’s convenient for your ardent supporters to quote copiously from the annals of history your great achievements but when your failures and weaknesses were pointed out they say that was in the past. Is the lessons of past history only good for the positive achievements? Doesn’t that also explains our incessant failures?
Your Excellency, good intentions are never enough. In the past, because of your clean records and straightforwardness you were lured by men who want only the vanities Dunya to uproot a young democracy on the caprices of fighting corruption. Corruption is no doubt an evil but there is a more monstrous evil than corruption. That is turmoil and insecurity. Peace and stability are the most important part of governance that no price is to high for them.
The lack of peace, stability and security is the major predicament of this nation since independence. So when you were naively used by men to derail one, that is the greatest disservice you committed to the nation the ills of which we are yet to recover from.
Do you truly believe Allah is still not in cognizance of that? You were led to uproot a duly elected leader and incarcerate him for close to two years knowing fully well that he has no charge of even the corruption that was labeled against him. Yes, Shagari was the leader and therefore he bears all the responsibility of misdeeds in his government, so also you were a leader and you should bear all the responsibility of derailing the peace and stability of governance in this country as a consequence of that putsch.
Your weakness in control of men became evident when the very people that used you to revolt against a constituted authority came back to uproot you from the seat of power. Your own kinsmen. Without a gun cocked in your defence.
Today the corruption you were deceived to fight against has reached unimaginable level coupled with the worst state of insecurity and peace in the nation. There was just recently an attempt on your life like many of us.
All this because you the honest people that are given the privilege of strengthening the Armed forces left it to meddle in politics. We thus lost everything. Neither the power nor the security.
A believer is not stung from the same hole twice. Men used your innocence before to get power and dump you. Please be sensible today. Some other men still want to use you to get power and surely they will dump you again. You don’t share the same philosophy at all. Even though as I explained later, your obsession and philosophy of fighting corruption is not the priority of Nigeria today. What Nigeria needs utmost now is peace and stability? This can only be achieved when the religious ethnic and regional divide is tamed. And you can only tame it with people without much precedence. People without much following. Yet people that are constructive and have the ability to control men.
If Sardauna today is alive in your situation he will never contest for the presidential seat because of his deep understanding of what the nation needs. He will step down for a more acceptable younger person. It’s on record that Sardauna even at the age of under 60 said he was not going to contest again, preparing his only house in Rabah for retirement.
I’ll give you a similitude to buttress my point of priority. A person seriously injured and fractured from a road traffic accident when brought to the emergency room, the first priority of the doctors is to secure an intravenous line. Meaning get a drip set working into his veins to protect his vital organs like the heart and kidneys from the effects of shock and loss of blood. The fractures, even though serious and the source of the blood loss, may take days and weeks before they are even attended to beside the superficial dressings.
Nigeria now needs peace and stability first. Then we talk of good governance later even though it’s the source of the predicament we are facing.
The present government has already charged the situation and played the religious divide to its advantage. It’s in circulation now, a SW pastor calling on Christians and the church to vote Jonathan as their only Saviour. This religious card will be used to cover his deficiency in governance.
Your Excellency, you should understand too, that many, if not most of your supporters, are also looking up to you to protect them from the onslaught on their religion and region. This also the Christian will never believe the otherwise.
Therefore the stage is set for religious confrontation which is the least the nation needs.
What we need as a priority is peace and stability.
From my view, if APC can support as an example Ameachi or Okorocha/Kwankwaso or El-Rufai or Tambuwwal ticket and the PDP will have Akpabio/Muazu or Ribadu or Shekaru, the next four years will. – insha Allah – witness stability both in the north and south. And the electoral body will get the necessary infrastructure that subsequently the next election will be free and fair and the true reflection of Nigerians.
If you may ask, why can’t this same peace be achieved with you and another Christian running mate?
Gen. you have antagonist, and they are many and also as ardent as your supporters. Your supporters have the biggest proportion of the underprivileged of the society which is the petrol that can be easily ignited by the slightest spark. The spark will be when you’re declared the loser. And you know you can very well lose if the Christians follow their church -and why not in this era of mediocrity.
On the other hand if Jonathan comes back. BH will be real not the political one we see. The turmoil will engulf the whole country not only the north. That is why I also call on PDP to present some other candidates.
My brother in Islam, please listen to the words of wisdom. And don’t follow the whims of the riffraff. Before they used you the first time to disrupt the second republic, my father advised you against it. Today I am also advising you against contesting in the 2015 presidential election because you will be used to ignite the nation -a dream well orchestered several years ago- and also be used by bad people as a ladder to grab regional and local powers.
I rest my case here.
My best regards and condolence for your recent loss.
May Allah guide you and protect you from the evil men and the jinn. Amin.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Icheoku says Operation Stop Buhari (OSB) is a task that must be done. It is already full throttle, are you game? Just take a good look at this two faces and please tell Icheoku you will be comfortable with both men running affairs of Nigeria? Please do the NEEDFUL, join the effort now to stop this marauder and prevent him from ever torturing Nigerians again. Say never again Buhari, say NO to Buhari.


Icheoku says Muhammadu Buhari has been deceiving Nigerians, pretending to be who he is not and falsely putting up a facade of a church rat who has nothing but the clothes on his back? Icheoku says give me a break. It is just a mere populist image he has been trying to build over the many years since he was forced out of office, leaving Nigerians little time to indeed see who this man is? But judging from the plundering of the State by his two lieutenants Babangida and Abacha, little doubt is left that were Buhari to have stayed longer, he possibly would have been as bad if not worst after all he was praised Abacha as the best leader Nigeria ever had despite the fact of Abacha's looting of the treasury to the tune of 7billion dollars?   

Icheoku strongly suspects that Buhari, if he passes the crucibles  of both his party's nomination and goes on to win the presidential election, might out-loot Obasanjo in his second coming. After all Obasanjo did not steal enough during his first coming and came back and made out like bandit? So who knows what actually is driving Buhari's desperation for return to power. As the only former head of state without an imperial mansion on a hill, who knows if he wants to outdo both Babangida and Obasanjo with a Duara Hilltop mansion should he win? But Nigerians have an idea of what a Buhari's presidency would mean, having lived through his despotism before and are not ready for an encore. icheoku is emphatic that a deja vu Buhari is not in the future of Nigeria, not in 2015 and not at any further time in the life of Nigeria and Nigerians. 

Icheoku asks Nigerians to  put on their thinking hat for a moment and ask themselves why all of a sudden is this man telling the whole world that he "borrowed" the twenty seven million Naira nomination form fee? If a presidential candidate does not have "ordinary" N27 million to purchase his nomination form, what in the hell is he doing running for the office that will probably gulp billions of Naira to see through? Who is going to foot the bill of the presidential campaign and would it be a quid pro quo arrangement where his sponsors will descend on the treasury to feed themselves fat? if yes, how then does he plan to prosecute his proverbial war on corruption? There are simply too many complications with this alleged "borrowing" of 27million Naira nomination form fees that does not add up and further makes the story unbelievable. 

Icheoku asks why did it take Buhari four unsuccessful previous runs for the same office to now tell Nigerians that he borrows all the money he uses and is now even too broke to afford his nomination form fees? But lets just for the heck of discussion play the devil's advocate and assume that Buhari told the truth that he borrowed the 27 million Naira nomination form fee? Query, how does he plan to repay back the borrowed money and under what terms and conditions was the facility extended to him? If on lenient terms and not strictly in conformance to banking practices, is it not corruption that he used his position to an undue advantage and at the same time project the image of an incorruptible corruption crusader coming to fix all that is broken in Nigeria? If he indeed he borrowed the money, from where is he going to repay it since his salary as president, in the unforeseen nightmarish event he wins, would be far below twenty seven million Naira? 

Icheoku queries from who did Buhari also "borrow" the billions his previous four attempts running for the presidency cost him? May be from his also anonymous faceless secret banker or his Islamic bank-rollers in Riyadh?  That late Moummar Ghaddafi also chipped in his previous campaigns is in the public domain too? The Americans have a saying that 'if you follow the money it will lead you to the source of either the crime or its cover up', so Icheoku calls on Nigeria security apparatchiks to try and unravel the source of Buhari's campaign funding and see if Buhari has already mortgaged Nigeria's future interest and is only bidding his time before signing over Nigeria to some foreign interests? 

Further, if Muhammadu Buhari actually borrowed the 27million Naira, who co-signed it since according to him his net worth is not substantial enough to guarantee such a huge amount of loan? With what securities or assets or cd was the sum secured or collateralized? Was due process of verification of assets followed or was it just a mere walk through by reason of who he is? Was the loan smooched over simply because as an expected future president, so many juicy business deals will be possible as a result of this facility in a quid pro quo fashion? 

Icheoku says until Muhammadu Buhari comes clean with this N27 million he allegedly borrowed to pay for his nomination form and gives full detailed information of the transaction to enable Nigerians determine if it was transparent, Nigerians will continue to second-guess his veracity for truth when he said he borrowed the sum in question. Icheoku says if Buhari borrowed the nomination form fee, what else is he going to borrow before he becomes the president of Nigeria, in his dreams though? What a ruse, what a deceitful, conniving and contriving Cassius this man is, that no longer finds anything questionable in Bola Tinubu's wealth and who unlike Nuhu Ribadu is yet to keep his distance from that corruption personified ABT. Icheoku says Nigerians can no longer be deceived, not by Buhari and not be his austere facade. Icheoku says enough of this holier than thou, make believe show Buhari calculatedly always puts up for effect. Say no to Buhari, say no to taking Nigeria back. Buhari belongs to the old way of doing things and Nigeria has since moved on without him.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


"Buhari cannot be advised. That is legendary. He believes in himself only. So if before ascending to power, he is unapproachable, when he gets power he will just turn into another Pharaoh. Nobody has the monopoly of wisdom and no man is indispensable except Buhari does not get this." - Sheikh Ahmed Ahmed. 
Icheoku agrees and says APC please give Nigerians reason to vote your party, do not field Buhari as your presidential candidate.


"I humbly wish to present myself before you, before all of Nigeria and before God, seeking to be elected (nominated) as  APC's  presidential candidate." - Muhammadu Buhari. With those words, Muhammadu Buhari threw his hat in the ring to contest for the nomination as APC presidential candidate and by extension the right to challenge President Jonathan for Aso Rock occupancy in 2015. Icheoku says thankfully dreamy fantasies do not often materialize into reality, as this man once again embarks on a strangely now much familiar travel, on a road that is eerily familiar and which does not and will not lead him into Aso Rock. Not this time, not any future time and not in the lifetime of Nigerians, especially those who are old enough to remember the disgusting taste of the dishes he served to them between 1983 and 1985. Icheoku joins Nigerians in vociferously rejecting this particular APC candidate Buhari, and in saying NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN this BUHARI, we know too well and know better to avoid like leprosy. 

Icheoku says having formally joined the race for Aso Rock and for the umpteenth time, it is now safe to examine and reexamine his eligibility and electability for the office of Nigeria's presidency. Icheoku is towing this line of action because, judging by the number of Bola Tinubu's surrogates that attended Buhari's declaration, including his wife Oluremi, it is safe to conclude that apparently Bola Tinubu has signed off on Buhari as  APC's putative presidential candidate. This means that Abubakar Atiku has once again been effectively checkmated by Baba Iyabo, who strongly counseled Bola Tinubu against providing Atiku with APC's platform to run for president. Icheoku says the naiveté of Atiku in thinking that he would be allowed to reap where he did not sow, jumping from one party to another and to another and yet to another, has fully bubbled up to the surface. Who knows when he will be returning back to the PD, except that this time, his welcome might be rather lukewarm, if ever.

So with Muhammadu Buhari practically for all intent and purpose, settled on as the APC's presidential candidate and the guy to slug it out with  incumbent President Jonathan in the forthcoming 2015 presidential election, Icheoku will now revisit the merits and demerits of his choice over Abubakar Atiku as the APC presidential candidate. Icheoku will also go through Buhari's declaration of presidential intent against the background of readily available facts, history and antecedents of the man Muhammadu Buhari, and guided by where he has been, where he currently is and where possibly he is going to, and analyze same in tandem. 

Icheoku says if they could, those sponsors, propagandists and praise singers of Muhammadu Buhari's preeminence stature and "over-qualification" for the presidency of Nigeria, would rather millions of Nigerians that lived under General Buhari's jackboot junta were all brain dead or have amnesia not to remember the horrors of that inglorious regime? Also this group of Buhari's apologists would, if horses are dreams, wish that Buhari's past is magically all-wiped away; and the despotic dictator is washed anew? Also that their "reinvented" Muhammadu Buhari is  now a "born-again" human being with real blood flowing in his veins and that this version of Buhari is no longer  the tin-headed, two-horn monster, whose arteries are filled with sulphuric acid and who hated Nigerians so much that he chastised them with scorpions. 

But unfortunately for these town-criers, voluminous records abound which attest, loudly and clearly, that this Daura monster, who saw Nigerians as slaves that needed a slave master, is not good for Nigeria.  It is Professor Wole Soyinka who once said that "history matters; records are not kept simply to assist the weakness of memory, but to operate as guides to the future." Icheoku maintains that the erudite professor provides Nigerians with a very  important beacon to guide them as they contemplate and gravitate towards a possibly Buhari's presidency in 2015? The professor wants Nigerians not to become victims of a deceitful campaign jingoes or become beguiled by the repackaging of a devil in the cloak of an Angel Michael? A Buhari is a Buhari and will always remain a Buhari, period.

Icheoku says the Buhari then still remains the Buhari now and teaching an old dog new manners is often a task in futility. It is also on record that Buhari unlike genocidal 'Jackal' Gowon, since being ousted from office thirty something odd years ago, has not gone back to school to acquire a formal education or at least augment whatever little "the dangerously bad Western education" he may previously possess? It is also on record that Buhari has not traveled extensively around the world in order to assimilate edifying values and also expand his world views? It is also on records that Buhari has not done anything with his time out of office, except for the shoddy job he did at PTF which forced Baba Iyabo to shut it down. 

It is also on record that Buhari did not in anyway put his services to use for Nigerians' benefit, not even through an NGO, in order to properly acquaint himself with public and human relationships' best practices? Icheoku says it is therefore far fetched and deceitful, for anyone, including these APC honchos, to try and suggest to Nigerians that a man who turned into a hermit, became a religious zealot, morphed into an ardent and fervent fundamentalist and who forced an enslaving life in Purdah on his wife, somehow, simultaneously, reinvented himself and would now lead Nigerians with some modicum of decency? Icheoku is not buying their tale by moonlight nor agrees that this Buhari of 2014 is any less the old melancholic Buhari of yore - the draconian dictator of 1983 to 1985.

Icheoku says to Buhari that overthrowing a duly elected democratic government of President Shehu Shagari is a worst form of injustice than any election rigging. Also if anyone ever held Nigerians in a stranglehold, it was the Buhari/Idiagbon military junta, between 1983 to 1985, but certainly not the PDP as people are somewhat free to say what they think including the opposition party. Lastly, Icheoku does not believe a hair of Buhari's assertion that his government would respect "constitutional separation of powers as well as rights of citizens" except his records as a military dictator no longer matters and is completely discarded:- 

Decree 4 the muzzle decree, prohibition of drinking before 5pm in predominantly Christian Southern Nigeria in the name of WAI; disregarding Oputa Panel's invitation to appear before it; murdering three innocent Nigerians for an offense which was not a death-penalty offense just to bare his bloody fangs; locked away Southern Christian politicians in Kirikiri without due process while their Northern Islamic counterparts enjoyed convenient house arrests; etc. Icheoku was expecting Buhari, during his declaration, to acknowledge these shortcomings of his first adventure and duly apologize for them, but he didn't. Instead he failed and stubbornly refused to atone for his past and thereby further throwing sand in the eyes of conscionable Nigerians. 

Icheoku says one of the funniest and craziest commendation heard during the said Buhari's declaration came from Audu Ogbe, Communication Minister during Shagari government, who said "Buhari's interest inn the presidency is to come and stabilize the polity and then STEP ASIDE?" Icheoku coils in shame at this parody of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida and his shameful "stepping aside" episode, after the wicked June 12 annulment. Now Audu Ogbe, a victim of Buhari's highhandedness, is reminding Nigerians some of these haranguing and harrowing experiences that are better confined in the darkest corner of Nigerians forgotten history? Then, came Timipre Silva, who said Buhari is coming to properly intervene in Nigeria's economy but failed to tell Nigerians when and where Buhari obtained his 'PhD in Economics or his corporate managerial skills?' 

Icheoku says Buhari has nothing palliative or new to offer to Nigerians or to help solve the myriad of problems facing the country. Instead he is the trigger of it all when he overthrew a duly elected democratic government of President Shehu Shagari, leading to the advent of Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha's maddening institutionalization of corruption, which eventually cascaded to the cesspool presently hounding Nigeria. Icheoku maintains that but for Buhari's military coup, democracy would have since taken very deep root in Nigeria, with most of the current incidental problems already fixed by now. Further if Buhari's very advanced age of 75 years is not a militating factor against his ambition, does it mean that gerontologists are mistaken when they propound that certain risks are largely age related, including dementia, arthritis of the extremities, leaking and forgetfulness? Icheoku says if Senator Mamora is right, then Nigerians should expect to be governed by a Council of Elders in a Buhari's government regardless of their elderly infirmities?  

And in a world where most world leaders are now barely the half age of Buhari, Icheoku wonders the inconvenience of bilateral relationships between a Buhari and these other leaders? Icheoku asks does anyone know if Buhari knows how to even surf the Internet? Also George Akume extolled Buhari's time as Petroleum Minister but tactically forgot that the issue of the $2.7billion missing oils money during Buhari's said tenure has not been conclusively resolved till date? An APC women leader Hajia Rabiu Ishaq urged fellow women to support Buhari as a leader who can liberate Nigerian women, but failed to mention that Buhari's own wife, a woman and potential future Nigeria's First Lady, is not herself free, but is forced to live a pining-away life in Purdah? Icheoku asks Hajia, who would be Nigeria's First lady or is she auditing for the job to act in the stead of the Purdah(ed) Buhari's wife? 

Icheoku bemoans that the owner and the CEO of APC PLC Bola Tinubu is going to blow this golden opportunity at his party's best shot at the presidency with this Buhari misfit. Buhari is not sellable nor acceptable to Nigerians and irrespective of who he chooses as vice presidential candidate, he will not be elected president of Nigeria. If he chooses Rotimi Amaechi, the Southsouth will not trade their number one presidency for a mere number two vice presidency position? If he chooses Fashola, Ngerians will not accept two Muslim candidates, neither would Igbo Southeast accept two affirmed Igbo haters at Aso Rock? If he drops his erstwhile running mate Pastor Bakare, he would be making a statement that Bakare was not good enough and made him lose the previous election, thus creating bad blood between they supporters? If he chooses Rochas, Rochas is a lightweight and will not deliver any Igbo State? 

So generally asking, why would Northern Nigerian Christians, especially those in the Middle Belt, now choose a Muslim over their already existing Christian president or  put in another way, who prefers the shackles of slavery which a Buhari presidency portends to the boundless freedom relatively being now enjoyed under the Jonathan's presidency? Lastly, Icheoku says Nigerians are fed up with these military men, especially after the garrison government ran by the other military man Obasanjo and wouldn't stand for such hallowing experience again. Icheoku says Muhammadu Buhari is a wrong choice and if Bola Tinubu does not listen to Nigerians and foist him, the APC would woefully lose the coming election. Icheoku says APC must say no to Buhari, they should reject his candidacy if they stand any chance in 2015.

Friday, October 17, 2014


"To deprive a people of volition in their own political direction is to turn a nation into a colony of slaves. Buhari enslaved the nation. He gloated and gloried in a master-slave relation to the millions of its inhabitants. It is astonishing to find that the same former slaves, now free of their chains, should clamour to be ruled by one who not only turned their nation into a slave plantation, but forbade them any discussion of their condition." - Professor Wole Soyinka. 

Icheoku agrees that there is something certainly, patently and endemically wrong with Nigerians in the manner they react to most things in their lives? Icheoku emphasizes that the very fact that this murderer, Muhammadu Buhari, is getting any serious attention whatsoever to preside over Nigerians again, defies every sensibility and logic. That this adoration is coming, especially from those Nigerians old enough to have lived through the experiences that was his infra-dig happenstance upon the Nigerian stage, makes the matter more hair-raising and utter sordid. A situation made worse because he went up against the same democracy that he is now trying to profit from; and some of these marabout-politicians now clamoring for him were at the receiving end of his melancholic and choleric despotism. 

Icheoku says so it is not without reason that some school of thought heavily weigh towards agreeing that the neurons in many a Nigerian brain is out of sync and firing wrongly? Icheoku says it is as perfidious as it is self-lynching for Nigerians to be holding this very same Muhammadu Buhari in such a high pedestal, despite the not too long ago history of his callousness and inhumanity to Nigerians. Indeed it is regrettable and smacks of a people with little regards for their self worth and self esteem; and who could in the situation equally pass for a bunch of sadistic vermins. Icheoku queries, Buhari of all persons?