Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Icheoku says Muhammadu Buhari has been deceiving Nigerians, pretending to be who he is not and falsely putting up a facade of a church rat who has nothing but the clothes on his back? Icheoku says give me a break. It is just a mere populist image he has been trying to build over the many years since he was forced out of office, leaving Nigerians little time to indeed see who this man is? But judging from the plundering of the State by his two lieutenants Babangida and Abacha, little doubt is left that were Buhari to have stayed longer, he possibly would have been as bad if not worst after all he was praised Abacha as the best leader Nigeria ever had despite the fact of Abacha's looting of the treasury to the tune of 7billion dollars?   

Icheoku strongly suspects that Buhari, if he passes the crucibles  of both his party's nomination and goes on to win the presidential election, might out-loot Obasanjo in his second coming. After all Obasanjo did not steal enough during his first coming and came back and made out like bandit? So who knows what actually is driving Buhari's desperation for return to power. As the only former head of state without an imperial mansion on a hill, who knows if he wants to outdo both Babangida and Obasanjo with a Duara Hilltop mansion should he win? But Nigerians have an idea of what a Buhari's presidency would mean, having lived through his despotism before and are not ready for an encore. icheoku is emphatic that a deja vu Buhari is not in the future of Nigeria, not in 2015 and not at any further time in the life of Nigeria and Nigerians. 

Icheoku asks Nigerians to  put on their thinking hat for a moment and ask themselves why all of a sudden is this man telling the whole world that he "borrowed" the twenty seven million Naira nomination form fee? If a presidential candidate does not have "ordinary" N27 million to purchase his nomination form, what in the hell is he doing running for the office that will probably gulp billions of Naira to see through? Who is going to foot the bill of the presidential campaign and would it be a quid pro quo arrangement where his sponsors will descend on the treasury to feed themselves fat? if yes, how then does he plan to prosecute his proverbial war on corruption? There are simply too many complications with this alleged "borrowing" of 27million Naira nomination form fees that does not add up and further makes the story unbelievable. 

Icheoku asks why did it take Buhari four unsuccessful previous runs for the same office to now tell Nigerians that he borrows all the money he uses and is now even too broke to afford his nomination form fees? But lets just for the heck of discussion play the devil's advocate and assume that Buhari told the truth that he borrowed the 27 million Naira nomination form fee? Query, how does he plan to repay back the borrowed money and under what terms and conditions was the facility extended to him? If on lenient terms and not strictly in conformance to banking practices, is it not corruption that he used his position to an undue advantage and at the same time project the image of an incorruptible corruption crusader coming to fix all that is broken in Nigeria? If he indeed he borrowed the money, from where is he going to repay it since his salary as president, in the unforeseen nightmarish event he wins, would be far below twenty seven million Naira? 

Icheoku queries from who did Buhari also "borrow" the billions his previous four attempts running for the presidency cost him? May be from his also anonymous faceless secret banker or his Islamic bank-rollers in Riyadh?  That late Moummar Ghaddafi also chipped in his previous campaigns is in the public domain too? The Americans have a saying that 'if you follow the money it will lead you to the source of either the crime or its cover up', so Icheoku calls on Nigeria security apparatchiks to try and unravel the source of Buhari's campaign funding and see if Buhari has already mortgaged Nigeria's future interest and is only bidding his time before signing over Nigeria to some foreign interests? 

Further, if Muhammadu Buhari actually borrowed the 27million Naira, who co-signed it since according to him his net worth is not substantial enough to guarantee such a huge amount of loan? With what securities or assets or cd was the sum secured or collateralized? Was due process of verification of assets followed or was it just a mere walk through by reason of who he is? Was the loan smooched over simply because as an expected future president, so many juicy business deals will be possible as a result of this facility in a quid pro quo fashion? 

Icheoku says until Muhammadu Buhari comes clean with this N27 million he allegedly borrowed to pay for his nomination form and gives full detailed information of the transaction to enable Nigerians determine if it was transparent, Nigerians will continue to second-guess his veracity for truth when he said he borrowed the sum in question. Icheoku says if Buhari borrowed the nomination form fee, what else is he going to borrow before he becomes the president of Nigeria, in his dreams though? What a ruse, what a deceitful, conniving and contriving Cassius this man is, that no longer finds anything questionable in Bola Tinubu's wealth and who unlike Nuhu Ribadu is yet to keep his distance from that corruption personified ABT. Icheoku says Nigerians can no longer be deceived, not by Buhari and not be his austere facade. Icheoku says enough of this holier than thou, make believe show Buhari calculatedly always puts up for effect. Say no to Buhari, say no to taking Nigeria back. Buhari belongs to the old way of doing things and Nigeria has since moved on without him.

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